Contributor profile – Matt Moran

With a career spanning over 30 years in the Australian food industry, Matt Moran has a plethora of awards to his name, TV shows, best-selling cookbooks and ownership of some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments; it’s safe to say that Matt Moran is an Australian food icon.

Matt who co-owns and operates harbourside icons Aria, Chiswick, Barangaroo House just to name a few, said that this is a way that the hospitality industry can look after its own during these difficult times.

“As an industry, we have a responsibility to care for own during this tough time. Initiatives like HelpOutHospo give consumers the chance to give back, learn something new and support their favourite chef or bartender during one of the most challenging periods in Australia’s dining history.”

In this 5-part video course, Matt is on a road trip to meet the best growers and farmers in Australia. Once he’s got his hands on their produce, he’ll turn it into mouth-watering dishes.

Matt Moran is a part of the HelpOutHospo movement, his videos are available for purchase by clicking this link with all profits going to support stood-down workers from Matt’s restaurants.

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