Contributor profile – Jacob Wicks

Jacob Wicks, is a rising star on the Australian craft cocktail scene.

Stepping foot behind the bar for the first time only four short years ago, Jacobs hunger to learn and passion for fine spirits has seen his profile skyrocket in the vibrant bar industry, putting him on par the top mixologist in the land.

He has befriended some of the most lorded ‘cocktailarians’ of our time, including Naren Young (who’s New York bar ‘Dante’ later went on to win The Worlds Best Bar), Salvatore Calabrese (a London-based originator of the modern classic cocktail’s revival) as well as the founders of the multi-award winning Sydney-based Swillhouse group.

When not behind the stick in the cocktail lounge at Sarino’s restaurant and bar, Jacob spends his time diving into every cocktail compendium he can find; experimenting with tinctures, infusions and flavours.

Jacob award winning signature drink is aptly named ‘Bushfire’, a heady combination of blended scotch whisky, single malt whiskey and eucalyptus syrup – served flaming of course!

Jacob is a partner in the HelpOutHosp movement, dedicating time and energy to filming videos on making cocktails at home. His videos are available for purchase by clicking here.

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