Contributor Profile – Luke Mangan

Luke Mangan is a leading Australian restaurateur and chef, whose wide influence on the food and wine industry can be found in the air on Virgin Australia Business Class, the carriages of the Eastern Oriental Express, and at sea, on board five P&O Cruise ships. 

Luke’s Australian restaurants range from fine dining to more casual fare and are renowned for his unexpected creations, which highlight his French culinary training and Asian influences.

In this ‘how-to’ series, Luke presents four of his family favourites including Penne pasta with chorizo sausage, tomatoes and peas,  Asian-style brown rice with shredded chicken and Berries poached in balsamic with vanilla cream.

Luke Mangan is a partner in the HelpOutHospo movement, his videos are available for purchase by clicking this link with all profits going to support stood-down workers from Luke’s restaurants.

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